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Published by: MY COM

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-02-03
  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 148.44 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Price: Free

Juggernaut Wars – Idle RPG
App Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 1,561 Reviews
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App Description

Enter the world of Juggernaut Wars – the world of swords, sorcery and courage pitted against the malice of otherworldly monsters and their minions; the world where fighting never ceases! Thwart the Devourers’ invasion and save the missing princess Leah! Dozens of heroes with unique abilities and personalities are on your side. It will take a real master of tactics to assemble a team that would overcome all obstacles, defeat powerful bosses and reach the grand finale to shape the destiny of this world! The enemy is guarding the secrets well, but every victory makes your team stronger! Upgrade your heroes, collect artefacts, gather new warriors! Prove your skills in the campaign as well as other modes – no matter what, you’ll never get bored! - Outstanding graphics and special effects! Heroes of Juggernaut crush everything in their way in most spectacular battles! - An exciting campaign: unravel the Cult of Masks’ secrets and save the world from the Devourers! - A multitude of modes: from arenas to side scenarios and mine assaults, your heroes will always have work to do! - Limitless combat tactics options: use your heroes’ abilities skillfully and win! - Friends and enemies await you online! Find allies and defeat competitors on your path to the top of the rating! Please note: Juggernaut Wars is free to play and download, however some game items may be acquired with real money, such as portions of hard currency. We have also included Silver Subscription for iOS device users giving subscribers: - Special avatar collection exclusively for subscribers - 50% discount for the food first food purchase of the day - 100% expanded savings limit of food - 20% permanent bonus on gold earnings - 100% expanded skill point savings limit - Daily bonus lines does not reset - 100% more free wooden chests daily - 50% reduced waiting time between Trail of Death attempts - 50% reduced waiting time between arena attacks And Gold Subscription giving subscribers: - Increased bonuses of Silver Subscription - +15% on earnings on the Trail of Death - +15% on earnings of the Arena badges - Discount of on first shop range update per day - Extra free precious chest - Extra shop slots - +1 extra trophy for passing campaign points - Reduction in waiting time between battles in the Great Arena The Silver Subscription is available for $9.99 per month and Gold Subscription for $49.99 per month. If you wish to cancel the subscription renewal, you may do so in the Account Settings of your iTunes account. Subscriptions renew automatically unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account otherwise will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and the subscription prolonged by the previously chosen duration. A mobile network connection is required to play or download Juggernaut Wars. Terms of Use - http://legal.my.com/us/games/tou/

App Reviews

  • Nice!!

    By Djs mazter
    Nice game! Like the game!!
  • JuggernautWars

    By ShadowFox94
    Very fun game.
  • It was...

    By The everyday player
    Such a fun game to play, game updates use to be for the players but it changed. Slowly over the last couple of updates they started taking away parts of the game that would allow someone to play without spending 100's of dollars. They have made it a pay to win game and if you have lots of money to get rid of this game will take it and then not even respond when you ask about why such drastic changes have been implemented. Before you download I urge you to go to their Facebook page and look at the concerns of the players, before you spend money on the game look for a charity in your neighborhood and give it to them instead!! The devs have become greedy and it's a shame because I will be deleting the game as so many already have. Here is an example of a known issue that they say they are working on, for months now, they call it a visual bug. If you are battling in one of the areas of the game you can win on screen yet you won't see any rewards from it and your log shows a loss, when you ask support about it they say in actuality you lost the visual bug shows that you won.. sorry! I have never heard of such a line of nonsense. That's just a quick mention, do your research, go to their Facebook and look at the comments on every post and you will see how the game has changed, evolved into a waste of time and money. Good luck if you do join and sorry to those that have wasted their money and time on this game
  • Speeds up!

    By Hanchor
    I'd like to say this game is awesome but some adjustment should make it better. It has beautiful graphic design, and soft color mix.however every time I wanna pick it up, I would think about the tedious battle time. Not meaning that battle system is awful but it's path is tooooo slow. I have to wait and wait again for the energy for skill to refill and the enemy's HP point slowly losing. That makes me bored. If there is a feature could enhance battle speed.. this game could be my choice.
  • 3.0 Was a Poor Uptdate

    By 4Steps
    I emotionally have dealt with and embraced the advent of the "freemium" era that we now live. With that said, this game was a shining star in the midst of an endless barrage of dull copy cats. With this new update, where we could receive gems (the games most valuable commodity) from leveling up in the arena, you now receive no rewards for defense in the arena. My slow and steady build (which kept me coming back for more) has come to a screeching halt almost overnight. Where I was happy to keep a steady monthly investment of $2.99 a month to build into my team, it seems that will have to pay in much more to level and build. No thanks. I'm done.
  • Updated into oblivion

    By LostTraveler47
    I've been playing since v1, and in the early stages it was good fun. Now, it is a completely ridiculous p2w nightmare with numerous paywall locked characters and a leveling system only an addict could love. Add on ruining the arena rewards system this making it incredibly tedious to get free crystals and currency, and it's due time to shelve this game unless you want to open your wallet.
  • New 3.0 is horrible, game now even more "pay to play"

    By Vorais
    Arena rules changed so much, and with new magic kills the difficulty in matching up a proper team. Rewards also heavily nerfed even though devs thought it was an increase. Big down grade. New Magic tower rules hurt top players as they can't get tokens for improving their heroes since they are already maxed out. Game has also moved much farther into "pay to win" mode, another big downgrade as user base is disgruntled with changes and many people in game are protesting/quitting
  • New arena system is terrible

    By Non-Dodgy Reviewer
    I played this game for a long time. I was contemplating more money in soon too. New arena system makes me mad and I have now essentially stopped playing. If devs go back I will consider playing seriously again.
  • Was 5 stars.. But you lost a player.

    By NPhryme
    The game was going down hill before this update, but now this game is not even worth space on your device nor time. All it really is just a bunch of non needed add-ones that completely ruined the game. Arena is a joke. Force to fight players that have more power than yours, are you serious? Yeah, remove the refresh button. Plus the awards calculation has hit the fan. Do not even both with arena. It seems like you guys like to cater to your donators as every game i played. That is how you loose people. Terrible business technique. I deleted the app because as i said, it is now worthless.
  • Need arena caculate system to improve

    By မင္းေမလင္
    I am not ok with previous version and now even worse in arena. Can't find a way to increase arena rating bcoz of stupid arena system. I wonder how dev thought about that. So disappointed. :(

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