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Published by: Apple

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2016-03-21
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 27.60 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3.2 or later.
  • Price: Free

App Rating: 3/5
Based on 177 Reviews
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App Description

Classroom turns your iPad into a powerful teaching assistant, helping a teacher guide students through a lesson, see their progress, and keep them on track. With Classroom, you can easily launch the same app on every student device at the same time or launch a different app for each group of students. Classroom helps teachers focus on teaching so students can focus on learning. Assign Shared iPads to students - Once configured, Classroom connects to nearby student devices - Classroom intelligently assigns students to the Shared iPad they most recently used - Log students out of Shared iPad at the end of a session to prepare for the next class Start, focus, or pause student work - Launch any app, website, or book on student devices with a tap - Lock devices into a single app to help students focus - Lock screens to pause work or refocus your class - Mute audio on student devices See what your students see with Screen View - See an overview of all student screens at once - Focus on a single student screen - Students are informed when their screens are being viewed Share documents and links with your class using AirDrop - Share to your entire class with just one tap - Students can also share with you Share student work on the classroom Apple TV - Showcase the great work your students are doing to the class - Use AirPlay to wirelessly present a student’s screen - Students are informed when their screens are being presented Reset forgotten passwords right in the classroom - Reset a Managed Apple ID password without calling IT Organize student devices using groups - Classroom automatically creates groups of students based on the apps they are using - Teachers can create groups to break students into project teams - Perform actions on entire groups or on individual students within groups Great for use with both 1:1 and Shared iPad student devices Supports IT-managed classes or teacher-created classes All actions take place over the local network only Requirements iPad with iOS 10.3 or later iPad (4th generation) or later, iPad Air or later, iPad mini (2nd generation) or later, iPad Pro Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled on both student and teacher devices Student devices within Bluetooth range of the teacher device running Classroom

App Reviews

  • thank you apple

    By jonkleb5
    this app ruined my life and killed my family. i hope you’re happy cause im sure not.
  • Great! Just needs one thing

    By ND Carper
    I teach English to Chinese students over the internet. I am currently on the look for new software to help improve the classes. I stumbled upon this app and I really like it. I've played with it some and it works really well. The remote lock and navigation features are just what I need for my distracted students. There is just one thing missing: This app can only be used over a local network. I need to use it with an iPad on the other side of the world. If this one feature could be added, it would make make my job as a teacher so much easier!
  • Best App to Demo iPads in Education!

    By MaxxManic
    Love Apple Classroom! I work for a K12 Technology consultant firm. I use Classroom to demo the power, flexibility, and ease of iPads for K12 teachers. They are always amazed. With the new update one no longer needs the MDM backend to set up classes. Teachers can do it themselves now, and it is easy. Teachers, I encourage you to test out Classroom on you iPads soonest! It will change how you teach with iPads for the better!
  • Student

    By kenneth lehr
    On behalf of all student, I hate this app! If the school gives you an IPad then expect up to get app like Instagram or Snapchat! But don’t blame us blame yourselves
  • Full control

    By Snail 123456789
    I have full control of my students iPads this is so amazing one time I opened up some sights students were not allowed on cause of this app and I looked through my students photos!!!
  • Haha so funny

    By kss,unbubhbhpu
    It is a very good app
  • Need help

    By 7th Math
    1) Some of my student cannot join the class. They will join using the passcode and then the class disappears. 2) My student’s have figured out that blue means I am watching so they quickly exit out of their games.
  • Amazing

    By 4Rangers
    Works great all of the time. No issues
  • Thanks

    By That One Ricky
    I just love to be stalked
  • Great my teacher can stalk me now.......

    By Lori Anne 188
    I'm scared

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