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  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-08-10
  • Current Version: 1.5.110
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 134.76 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Price: Free

App Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 4,056 Reviews
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App Description

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY: The newest game from the team behind the main franchise! Key Features: ■ A deep story and stunning visuals. Experience an exciting story penned by Kazushige Nojima of FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY X fame, visualized with 3-D graphics never before seen in an RPG for mobile phones! Each chapter release will be accompanied by grand in-game events adding new playable content and exciting customization items for your character! ■ A new and refined RPG turn-based battle. Experience a new battle system specifically designed for mobile devices, creating highly tactical battles where each action flows into the next, chaining attacks and abilities in a rhythmic flow that brings destruction to your foes! ■ FINAL FANTASY's vaunted "Job System" returns. Delve into a deep character customization system allowing for a near limitless number of combinations between job classes and specialized elemental abilities. Choose your job, build your "deck," and destroy your enemies! -------------------------------------- ■Story: The Warrior of Light Despair has cast a long, dark shadow across this land. The winds have stopped, the seas churn, and the earth rots. The people await for a hero to appear—the hero foretold in an ancient prophecy: "When darkness shrouds the land, the Warrior of Light will come. Hope rides in his wake." After a long journey across the Ether, castaways without pasts appear on the shores of Palamecia. One of them is destined to become the warrior of legend. You stand among them. Are you the hero whom the prophecy foretells? -------------------------------------- ■ Recommended Devices iPhone 5 or later, 3rd Generation iPad or later, iPad mini 2 or later, 6th Generation iPod touch or later. ■ Operating System iOS 7.0 or later (Compatible with Metal API for iOS 8.0 and above) * We cannot guarantee proper performance on devices other than those listed above. Please confirm that your device model is listed before downloading this app.

App Reviews

  • Good game needs adjustments

    By SneakyNinjaLOL
    Hey square enix love the game but have to point out 2 things that can help you and the gamers(us) out 1. Significantly increase magicite drop rate from monsters in story, events, and multiplayer 2. Remove the limiter for how much you can attain per day so players can try to gain a lot of magicite with in their limit of time in their day to day life it will help us and you for legal and community reasons and as always you guys do a great job so have great day and thank you for the great content 🤗
  • Final fantasy mobile

    By Leon767
    It’s not bad but can we get upgrades more faster.I like it great game
  • Horrible!

    By anaimaouse
    This is boring and complicated! For one the games is based around cards! Second , you have to be a boy which is fine if your ok with it and three you can’t move your self and all you do is battle where’s the role play! It is totally horrid!
  • Waste of Time

    By Veronous
    It crashes too often while displaying the game on a mobile for mine. I'm not sure this happens to you guys, but trying to get legend jobs is hard. Allow me to speak this to you. When you have a Mobius account from day one, you have a lower chance of getting legend jobs. However, new accounts have that easy. Now imagine if your old account is at a very high level. See? It's really frustrating to me when this happens. Let me write this out too: there are many people who uses many Supreme Cards. These cards are way overpowered in battling Sicariuses, which makes boss battles no fun whatsoever. Also, let me point this out that the AMERICAN SQUARE ENIX IS VERY GREEDY! In my opinion, just play the Japanese version of this game. They're way ahead of this version and are very generous. So, don't waste your time playing this game. Thank you and I appreciate you for reading my review! Have a wonderful day, stranger.
  • Great game buuuuuut

    By NotISaidTheWhiteGuy
    Terrible customer service, I have been unable to play since I switched phones. I keep having questions repeated to me after answering them, meaning different people are on my case alone. Absolutely frustrating for what should be an easy fix.
  • Amazing!!

    By sammysosa163
    My favorite Final Fantasy game for the phone!!!!
  • Great but boring

    By Jakmehard
    After reaching max lvl deck and finish story mode ain’t nothing to do. The leveling systems needs some work to keep interest. No point playing if u r already maxed.
  • Keeps crashing after long waits

    By Merchant of Venice
    I spend minutes waiting for downloads to complete only to get very little game play. It'll spend minutes loading only to crash repeatedly, wasting my time and my patience. Sad I spent time making character that is unusable now. 😭
  • Since Update Crashes on Start up

    By Well Hidden
    IOS 10.3.3
  • Great game however

    By Kxkdkdkdkkc
    The New update is bugged and won’t let me open the game I’ve been playing for 3 years now plz help me on the App Store it says the game has been updated however. when, I launch the game it says good news an update is available can someone help me please?

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