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Published by: Mitama Games

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-09-21
  • Current Version: 2.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 296.16 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Price: Free

Otogi: Spirit Agents
App Rating: 5/5
Based on 536 Reviews
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App Description

"Help wanted! Calling everyone with spirit essence! Become a spirit agent today!" Um… I just have to read this, right? …Or else I have to go to bed with no dessert? W-wait a minute! I didn't know it was that serious! …Oh! Did we start already? Cough, cough… Ahem! Nice to meet—ouch! I jush biht my tongueh… Hello and nice to meet you. My name's Sola. The Bureau of the Occult has an important announcement to make, so I came to tell everyone in person! You see, the Bureau of the Occult is in a bit of a pickle. We're kind of short-staffed right now… So there's an open call for new spirit agents! I suppose I should start by explaining what a spirit agent is. Here, have a look at this. =================== Disturbances in people's emotions create "evil energy," which in turn leads to highly unusual events that defy logic and reason. Spirit agents are the only ones who can resolve these situations. They have been working behind the scenes throughout history, and continue to do so in the present. Spirit agents partner with entities called "spirits," who have their own independent will… *What the heck kind of spirits are these? You'll never see certain gods, legendary weapons, folklore or famous people in the same light after meeting the lovable spirits that they inspired! The prototypical "psycho girlfriend" Kiyo turns into a dragon, while Titania, the Queen of Fairies, goes to Shibuya in pursuit of the latest trends… They and others come together for a fantastic story like none other! Voice acting by Haruka Tomatsu, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Hiro Shimono and Yu Kobayashi makes the adventure even more exciting! *These spirits will have you coming back for more! Popular Illustrators Hihara You, Kiya Machi, *zoff, Miyoshino, ATARU, Kenichi Iwamoto and others provide the cute, cool and sometimes even slightly sexy character designs! Combat uses 3D models to make everything a little more cute! Who would've thought such cute spirits could be any cuter? Even handsome, manly spirits look cute! And they all come together for totally wild and crazy battles! Choose your favorite spirits and jump in! ==================== That basically sums it up. So, how about it? It might sound like it's all glamor and glitz, but spirit agents aren't celebrities. At the end of the day, their job is to keep people safe. But the sense of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile! Why don't you work with me as a spirit agent? To be honest, I'm actually getting pretty desperate… This is as much for me as it is for you! Please, work with me as a spirit agent so I can pay the bills and put food on the table!

App Reviews

  • Loving it but a small suggestion...

    By Too many things need AP
    I love being how Otogi is simple and fun but sometimes I feel it's too simple..one thing I miss was transmigration for the cards since it made me happy to finally be able to level them up. Now they have Bonds, but they must get all the way to lvl 70, and I am having issues with that aspect. My highest is 56 and I've been trying to level him up. Transmigration would be a nice touch from the old Ayakashi as well. Even though I well understand this isn't going to be a complete remake
  • Amazing

    By TheNVS
    Really awesome game from the former creators of AGG. If you like anime style games with great illustrations and pictures then download this right now.
  • <3

    By akosijemaii
    i love it so far~
  • I love this game

    By Da best...sypk
  • Heart broken

    By bambamlauren
    Before this game wasn't able to be played on iOS I was upset. Actually shook. I was looking for ways to hack this game in because that's how much I loved it. I haven't had the chance to play it again but I hope it's just as good as last time.
  • Not Worth It Even Though I Really Wanted It To Be

    By Disappointed Spirit Agent
    I understand that this game was too be used almost as a memorial for Ayakashi Ghost Guild and that's very touching and appreciated because it was such a great game. However, this game lacks in so many things and is not nearly as fun as Ayakashi. The battle is boring, the multiplayer attack system is almost pointless, the story and events are boring and the dialogue is annoying. Mira from Ayakashi was extremely annoying and Sola is almost a direct copy and just as annoying if not worse. If they're going to make a protagonist relationship between player and character then there should be an option for a male version of Sola. Not that that's the only problem with her character or the dialogue, but it would help. Half of the cards in the battle events aren't even worth it and the battling style makes it rather difficult to advance. Overall, it was a good shot to redeem the Ayakashi but they shouldn't have changed so much and made a better story with less annoying follower characters (Sola) and should have kept the awesome card battling style and animations.
  • Fun, Simple, yet Strategic

    By Whateverjustsayin'
    While most anime cards games out there are fun, they make it so difficult to earn free stuff. The last card game I played, Ishtaria, got tired of it due to 1. Potions not able to be bought but forced to arena which is dumb for PvE lovers. 2. Earning high starred card was BS. This game is super simple and fun despite how it is not a heavy "combo" system but more for the lovely fighting animations and little figures of your cards fighting, which makes you really into the game due to the actual fighting motions. There's always a free chance of drawing jewel summons for rare cards at a specific time rather than boat loads of money trying to draw them. The chance rate for 5 stars is 4%, but I know for a fact you'll eventually get one so patience is key. This is my favorite anime card game now and I don't think I'll really go back to Ishtaria, which is really popular due to the unique gameplay but lack of practicality. The storyline is much more interesting and the format of everything is neat. Guild chat, or normal friend chat, in this game is not that limited. You have about three lines compared to one in most card games. If I were to complain about something, it would be the jewels. The further you get into the game, you notice you have to grind for days and lvl up cards for certain parts of the story as it does get difficult, not that's unusual. I could most likely pass by if I had resurrection stones, but here is the thing... You have to pay for those. Time to time, they'll give you free jewels if they feel like it or dolphin days, but it costs basically $1 for one resurrection, and that's the most BS thing in the game for me at the moment. Ishtaria gives you chances for resurrection stones and gives you lots, while this game doesn't. So if you're in a struggle to win but lose and waste your spirit essence for the match, it's hard for free 2 play players to win but to grind and wait for days. This becomes a hassle for low level players around levels 20-30's range or just newbies in general, especially during time of events of getting free cards and matches that become extremely difficult. 😓 However, play your cards right and you can save up jewels and mochi for future events once you reach a level and daemon team you're proud of to aim higher. Overall review, just get it and give it a go. I have high doubts you won't like it but no game is perfect either.
  • Cute and Fun!

    By FEtrash
    I'm so glad I found an entertaining and adorable game such as this! My phone is getting old so it's hard to find nice games like this that work on it and satisfy my picky taste LOL!
  • I still love this game!

    By Why did it have to go?
    I have a friend that has always wanted to trade cards. It would be cool if you could do a trading system where you could trade for four and five star cards with your friends for 80 muchi for the **** cards. You can add it to the friend section of the app, next to chat. And if you're worried about it taking cash out of you pocket ad like a 50% trading tax so that the person getting the muchi only gets like 40 muchi. Call it the trading post or something. Make it kinda like a chat room where you can post a message asking for the card your looking for. Please please please
  • Reviews are good, good ratings, but...

    By Victoryline
    Dear Game Creators, I can't even pass the first connecting to server screen and I just got this app, perhaps it's because it's not compatible with my location outside of the U.S? please recommend what's best for me to do. Edit: My game works now but one thing has been bothering me - the fact that the main character is referred as a male, even if you are female/etc. It's something small but it just feels a little strange to me, Haha... Thank You, Confused Beginner

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