Tree Id USA - identify over 1000 of America's native species of Trees, Shrubs and Bushes

App Detail » Tree Id USA - identify over 1000 of America's native species of Trees, Shrubs and Bushes

Published by: Mullen & Pohland GbR

  • App Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2016-07-24
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.45 GB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Price: $4.99

Tree Id USA - identify over 1000 of America's native species of Trees, Shrubs and Bushes
App Rating: 3.5/5
Based on 32 Reviews
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--> special introductory price: 50% off! Instead of 9.99 just 4.99 US$! *** Tree Id USA - Identifying over 1,000 native American species of trees shrubs and bushes - Comes with 8620 photos! *** This app is the most comprehensive tree app on the market. It is also more comprehensive than any single volume field guide covering the US! The app describes in detail native American trees and shrubs showing the full tree, bark, flower, fruit, and leaves. The idea for this app originated from our shared passion for nature in order to provide like-minded with a comprehensive and helpful tool to observe, identify, and map trees, shrubs, and bushes of the United States! Includes all continental states of the USA! To date we have sold more than half a million field guide apps worldwide! This app is part of the Sunbird Images BLUE LABEL series. Our professional BLUE LABEL series are top notch digital field guides which provide the most comprehensive data available for a region or taxon. Our apps stand for high quality and user-friendliness. Even the rare species are illustrated and described in detail and featured with a full species account. Addresses the generally interested nature lover as well as the expert – with intuitive user interface and many helpful and interesting features! No other tree app offers the following: - all continental states of the USA included – choose a single state or 'all states' to access all species covered by the app - comprises a total of 1,017 trees and shrubs native to North America - a simple identification key narrows species down, a sophisticated Id function - the species list has specifically been modulated for the USA - 8,620 carefully selected photos, from wildlife photography agencies PlantaPro, and Sunbird Images - photos show habit, bark, flower, branch, fruit, and leaves / needles where available - most advanced Compare Mode of any tree app - compare up to 16 species images, including habit, bark, flower, branch, fruit, and leaves - create sighting lists and sort by place, date, group, and name - automatically plots every sighting on a map via GPS (editable) - make notes to each species spotted - sort and display species by gallery, A–Z list, or family - species names in English and Latin, order easily switchable Narrowing species down by state, whether it is a conifer or a deciduous tree / bush, and by leaf shape, leads you to a list of results. You can also look for fragments of a species name – the search for “cherry“ shows all the species which include the word “cherry“ in the species’ name. ***A graphically well-designed layout – easy to use with large lettering *** "Tree Id USA" is very well suited for keeping personalized sighting lists. The app will be continuously developed further. All updates are free of charge. Once downloaded no internet connection needed – just download the app and start identifying trees!

App Reviews

  • Won't download

    By DanC164729
    I can't even get this app to download after trying for several weeks. I hope Apple will refund my money.
  • Decent, but needs some additional features

    By martin123458
    Frankly I’m confused by some of the other reviews that claim it doesn’t have whole-tree photos. Mine certainly does. My complaints: 1. It needs a glossary. There are many specialized terms in botany, and having to google them is a pain. 2. App doesn’t remember my selected US state from one launch to the next. It always goes back to NY.
  • Rip off

    By Nursewise
    I wish I would've done a bit more research before purchasing and I wish I could get my money back. If you don't already know the name of the tree, you're out of luck with out a lot of clicking around. A tree outside the window at work, common around town, isn't even in the app. Very disappointed. Feel ripped off
  • awesome

    By vantiendatusa
    This app is very easy to use. if you want to learn about the tree in the world, Tree ID USA will help you. Recommended!!!!!!
  • Awesome learning tool especially for camping

    By tlahpallimaster
    I have been using this with my scouts and kids to learn about trees and recognizing them. It's turned hiking into a fun game. They spot the types of colors and leaves and other factors to compare with what they see listed in this app. So many photos and details are provided through this app to help learn to spot different trees and bushes and shrubs. I'm glad I found it!
  • Perfect tree knowledge!

    By Rulanv
    Super nice app! Have all those tree data all over the country! Perfect for gardeners to choose the right one!
  • Useful app

    By fanshentou
    By this app, I get to know many kinds of trees and shrubs nearby, I've always been interested in these so I like this app. Great work.
  • Horribly designed, marginally useful

    By Socasurf
    This app is terribly designed. He pictures are okay, but overall it's not worth the money. The first problem is that you can't set your profile as the area you are in, each time I login it places me in NY, which I'm not, and then have to properly set it. The next issue is that the app doesn't run in the background, so when you go to another app and then come back it reloads from the start screen, meaning I also have to set my location....again. The third and biggest problem is the organization of the trees. Once you get everything set and pick what type of tree you get very little prompting to help you decipher what tree you are looking at. It basically just shows you all of the trees within that type (deciduous, conifer) and doesn't allow for any type of sorting (literally no sorting!!!!). So, you are left to look at tiny pictures of a bunch of trees with their names listed and hope you can tap the right one (there are more pics of the trees once you click on the specific tree type and I do like the descriptions). There are so many types of trees that it's hard to know exactly what you are looking at. A peripheral issue is that people transplant lots of trees from other areas. But it's not clear if this app sorts the trees you are viewing based on general areas (like all trees in the Pacific Northwest) or only trees that are wild and native to each state (like Oregon...remember I mentioned you have to set your state). There is some better organization for some of the deciduous trees but it's limited and should be available for all. Basically this app should ask you to identify distinguishing characteristics of the tree you are looking at and then display all possible trees that meet the description (or it should offer filters that allow you to do this). Just to be clear, this app doesn't offer any of this and is clearly just a copy of a tree encyclopedia with little coding work done. It should not cost more than ninety nine cents. Weak sauce.
  • Missing Washington State

    By Traaxe
    If you're from WA this app is not worth the price because you can't use the state as a filter.
  • Don't bother - seriously do not

    By bbushner
    Absolute garbage. I had more luck with a 60 year old Golden Guide to trees than I did this app. Can't even put in map location other than state, and the photos are quite pathetic. Save the $5. Most definitely not buying an app from this dev again. Also, takes FOREVER to download and is HUGE space hog. Garbage, garbage, garbage.

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