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  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-09-10
  • Current Version: 1.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 59.97 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later.
  • Price: Free

Decisive Battle Pacific
App Rating: 2.5/5
Based on 724 Reviews
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App Description

In the series of virtual naval warfare, military leaders from the world shall wish you victory. With the exquisite scenes and real battle experience, you will become the commander who fight in all kinds of legendary wars. What are you waiting for? Join us now! ----------Introduction---------- In the game, you will be playing as a commander in the virtual world. By developing your fleet, guiding it on its way to invincibility through countless battles on the sea, you will find all sorts of precious resources and risk to be discovered in the vast sea. It may be a little lonely fighting alone, so build up your alliance and expand your territorial sea with your friends! -------------Features------------- - Exquisite real scenes and details, as well as vivid battle scenarios; - A strategy game that puts forth true to life naval struggling between fleets; - An equipment upgrade system that allows your battleships to be invincible; - Journeys to the battlefield and conquering countries with your alliance to be rewarded with large resource bonus; - The brand new general system inviting WWII military leaders to your fleet to help you conquer the sea; - Among PVP and PVE battles, the world BOSS awaits your challenge with glamorous rewards! 1. New system and gameplay Show you the world of naval warfare 2. Here come the core armors Guard you on the way of fierce battles 3. Air-to-air ordnance for long range attacks Begin your journey and conquer as the king 4. Take islands and plunders Build your unequalled naval base

App Reviews

  • Don't waste your time

    By Silveradoman03
    Played game religiously for nearly a year. Then the developer decided to merge servers. Bunch of heavy hitters merged in and wiped out everything to include friendships and pacts among legions. Many good people quit game. Too much petty drama in world chat. Can't gather resources cause they hit you while you're farming. Takes forever to build your base unless you dump cash into game. Then when you finally get power, you lose it somehow with no explanation. Have to dump more money to get it back. Waste of my time.
  • Lack of support for the defective areas of the game.

    By King Hawkeye
    I have sent many emails to the developers about glitches that have caused people to lose their rewards. I for one recharged for diamonds near reset time. When I was clicking my rewards for the recharge, it happened to land on the time of reset for the game. The game acted as if it was giving me my rewards but when I reset my game to make sure I had the rewards there was nothing to be found. I kindly emailed the developer to have them compensate me on the loss of my rewards. What I received in replies were rude responses and at the end all they could tell me was basically to pay attention to reset time and do not recharge at that time. They did not compensate me in anyway except for ignoring my emails. The game can be a good game, but they have many bugs and are terrible at fixing these bugs or compensating for it. - King Hawkeye server 23
  • Great game can’t get ahold of developers.

    By jpatterson250
    It’s a great game and fun to play. But I can’t get the developers to answer my emails and the one that is listed here comes back as a full mail box.
  • Beware of money pit!

    By Daty Kahuna
    I am a regular consumer, not a paid person that writes lies. At first was excited about the game, was intrigued on how it worked. Soon I joined a legion and the people were great. They taught me how the game works and soon discovered it is a huge money pit. Since I am a competitive person, I began to spend money in order to help my Legion and gain strength at the same time. By the time I knew it, my investment of money and time was too great. The system at times read to see if your power, making it seem that you are the one that needs to make Adjustments. This is all a fallacy, the game developer wants you to waste more money in order to make up the power loss. I reached out to customer service, and realized I would never get an answer. According to other posts, the developer is notorious ignoring emails. Save yourself a lot of time and money and avoid this game.
  • I'm writing iTunes do to the wrongful nature of this developer

    By Player that was robbed
    This game will actually steal from your bank account. The developers do not answer emails, nor do they fix their problems when your stolen from.
  • BombTheHellOutEm

    By Cattanne12
    Great game lots of whiners
  • Account help needed

    By Milosmoose
    I have an account on 3 servers - 2 work but the one I spent money on is locked out. Email bounces back as developer mailbox is full. Please help!!
  • Do not play this game

    By Sss68123
    Been playing this game for months. Only way to go anywhere is to spend a lot of money. And they always create something you need to stay powerful and keep you spending money. Customer support is a joke and they don't compensate you for their mistakes. Play another game
  • This game is a scam.... trust me don't buy into it

    By mallaney198321
    Asked for my many back no response, they never gave me the correct amount of diamonds. If you do get a response it's ok Chinese.
  • Game stopped working!!

    By Adddatastreaming
    Super mad about this game invested tons of time for it to stop working. Don't waste your time!

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