Brutal Age: Horde Invasion

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Published by: Tap4Fun

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-09-29
  • Current Version: 0.2.07
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 199.63 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Price: Free

Brutal Age: Horde Invasion
App Rating: 5/5
Based on 14,845 Reviews
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App Description

Become a legendary Warchief! Forge your tribe with cities and outposts on the map and push the border against global competitors. Challenges await, prepare your warriors for a big hunt! Come to experience the most original PVE and PVP battle in this new free MMO-SLG. Ally with your friends, and be brutal in the prehistoric party! Highlights: • Build & Expand your territory and Burn your rival’s land. • Zoom the map smoothly, and see every detail on the map. • Choose your Horde and fight in wars with global players! • Train 15+ unique barbarian clan troops with specialties. • Terraform your land into mountain, lake, forest or swamp. • Hunt Mammoth, Sabertooth, Treant and all the Ancient Monsters • Conquer the Wonder to become the Chieftain of all chiefs! Join our community and let us hear from you: • Facebook - • Website -

App Reviews

  • I dont like this game but im still playing!

    By aasjdjdjs
    The research upgrades and train soldiers is really too much! When ur troops is dead! U should wait a month or more too train them again, for a war and fight game like that ( erra each months, barbarian war each week, server wars, and in server wars between 4 hordes and clans!) U cant hold ur troops! So its like that > u will die re train u will die and again and again and agaaaaaain! Rooting! Thats all...! The solution is give the army easy! And let them cry on research and wars! The second problem is chat! Communication is dead in this game ! Messages ur sending too someone have a 50% chance too deliver! Sometimes he/she never reading that! The chat history is randomly deleting and comes back again! The transition is dead too! When i say oui in french it’s translate too go. !!!
  • “Strategy”

    By Ummmmm3
    There is no strategy in this game, it’s who ever has the most money, that is the strategy. If you are going to start playing do so with the highest number server, those are newer and better chance of surviving. Don’t spend money, there are people out there that have spent a lot more than you. Support don’t understand much because they just want money so they really don’t care. But good luck.
  • What problems?

    By box224488
    I have been playing this game for the past year and a half and have experienced no “cyber bullying” or this Chinese player! This is a fun amazing app. Plane and simple.
  • I don’t know why people complain?

    By chazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I saw many players write complain about Chinese player? The exchange rate actually favors US player. We make more in one month than Average Chinese players one year pay check? I don’t get it why you complain when they spent few month of salary to play games, and you guys think that’s because it’s cheaper over there? I Spent $50K play games in the last 10 years I don’t understand why people complain when you don’t want to spend time or money and still want to be pro in games? Life doesn’t work that way! Wake up child!
  • This game has CYBER STAlKING!!!!!

    By Georgia 145
    Strangers were asking me for my name and where I lived. Please fix this and filter through this!!!
  • Moneys

    By Borst98
  • Basura

    By Sidhart4
    Este juego reculiao es terrible malo, te llenan de bonus por hacer puras weas y al final no tiene sentido recolectar 😂😂😂
  • This game needs work

    By BarerGorgon
    You never know what the point of the game is or what you are supposed to do so it’s basically a waist of time.
  • Great Game

    By Teecle
    Great Game

    By Concerned965677543
    THIS GAME IS NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18! Game allows serious cyber bullying and cyberstalking in violation of USA Federal Laws. I have reported this issue many times through the game’s internal reporting system, but the offending players are simply banned from talking for a few hours and then allowed to resume their cyber bullying activities. Each time the player is warned that if they offend again, then they will be banned from the game, but this never happens. Instead the period of time that the offensive player cannot speak is extended a small amount for the next offense and they are allowed to resume cyber bullying again when the time period has elapsed. Many players have been silenced 6 times or more. The cyber bullying allowed in this game is of such a severe nature that it could easily move an emotional teen to hurt themselves or worse. It may be that the Chinese developers of this game do not understand how much of a problem cyber bullying has become in the USA. If that is the case, they should educate themselves on USA Federal Laws before marketing this game.

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