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Published by: 37GAMES

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-12-05
  • Current Version: 3.28.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 104.06 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later.
  • Price: Free

Blades and Rings
App Rating: 4/5
Based on 1,574 Reviews
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App Description

3D Fantasy MMOARPG Masterpiece, Blades and Rings Return to the dream worlds of the middle age Start your fantastic ring hunting journey! [Introduction] Blades and Rings is a medieval fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game. In this game, players travel to the wondrous homelands of the elves, dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, cyclopses and more in order to collect 27 powerful rings and save the world! Featuring many unique game modes and systems, such as the free equipment system, where equipment is obtainable only via killing monsters. The free trade system, in which players can freely trade items without price restrictions. A powerful and diverse social system, including Emperors and civilians, masters and apprentices, guilds and teams. Plus a balanced and exciting world boss system where bosses can be found across the world map and refresh all day long. [Game Features] ——New Era, offline auto-combat Unique auto-combat system design that even offers offline auto-combat will help you to upgrade and kill bosses when you are busy, creating a win-win situation for both work and play. ——Advancement, exclusive customization system Featuring a fully customization system, in which you can advance as you see fit, outside the constraints of a traditional class system. Acquire your very own exclusive titles, spectacular skills and featured looks. ——Cool mounts, customizable looks Dozens of cool mounts including tyrannosaurus, skyfyre and griffins are at your service. Customizable equipment and looks will make you stand out of the crowd. ——Trade freely, buy or sell equipment In the market of this game, you can freely sell any unused or extra equipment obtained from killing bosses or completing quests. None of your resources or time shall be wasted. ——Splendid wings, fierce PvP PvP is allowed on all maps. You can team up to take on high level players and if you are lucky enough to give the finishing blow, then the ultimate equipment is yours. High drop rates add thrills and excitement. Follow our Facebook fan-page for more information and keep up to date with all the latest about Blades and Rings. We are looking forward to seeing your comments and messages! Blades and Rings Facebook:

App Reviews

  • Good, but obnoxious bug

    By Senyropyro
    Overall, game is pretty good. Gameplay is decent, not much to complain about. But pretty much everytime I open the game I'm forced to redownload the expansion packs time affer time - it's obnoxious and near driving me closer to deleting the game. Please fix this, developers.
  • Game has issues and poor support

    By Wastingtimeonvideogsmes
    This is a pure pay to win game. If you don't have a fat wallet don't even bother. If ur online for more then 3-4 hours expect the game to crash. If you cant handle people coming into ur boss fight killing you and your boss and getting ur loot after spending 10-20 min killing it then this is NOT the game for you. If you decide to play anyways just remember all the 1 stars told you the problems. 11/19/11 *UPDATE* This game has not changed, still has issues mentioned above and more. The only thing that has changed is the player boss stealing has decreased considerably, still not worth spending the money to help developers make this into the game they could have. Each and every time you attempt to help them improve the game by making suggestions you will get some obvious Cut and paste remark And you will def have issues only they can’t resolve it. Example. such as when you powered off your iPad or phone and tell them that the game kept your toon online and not fighting for 18+ hours and I quote. “hi, that can be caused by poor network connection” really? So powering off my iPad caused your system to get poor network connection with it. I wouldn’t have guessed. I mean really hell he/she could have taken the time to read the 37 word description and read what i wrote in the comment instead of just reading the head line and assuming what was wrong. As for the new updates they have coming up I will let ya know if the drop rate has increased or the same. At the current moment it takes about a month to get 1, 2 star drop from a boss when ya send a minimal of 3-4 hours a day killing Spire boss’s that’s not including daily’s, void, server boss and cross server bosses and I say that because you will be lucky to get anything from them. Others may post saying I don’t have that issue and that could be true. But when ya come from a server that has 3 active guilds that leaves a whole lot of killing you can do and gain drops. So you would think.
  • Small bug

    By Wolf_Face
    Overall the game is marvelous ... the only problem is that after the last update the app will launch except I can only walk around bc the last few game updates and expansion packs just keep re-downloading not letting me continue any quest ... please fix as soon as possible this is my favorite game 😩
  • Horrible

    By Jjr0706
    The auto combat feature is cool, but you will Never get a good drop for your class. I played for more then a month, dumped a pretty good amount of cash and never got anything good. I was one of the top 10 accounts in server 347 but that’s because my guild mates passed me down there stuff. So on top of never getting anything good you will prolly fail every fusion. That was the tipping point for me. So if you wanna waste your time this is the game for you!!
  • Lol

    By Kayla_Clevenger
    Diablo knock off
  • Crazy

    By tyler server S294
    Right now this game is double charging my card and owes me mad money it charge me 29.99 for diamonds and I didn't even receive any in return what the hell my character name is Tyler server S294 devastation just to let u know programmer thanks
  • Good game but......

    By 😡 MY MONEY!!!
    I realized that the creators make purchases but they never give u the item u bought, I bought an item and it still has not come after contacting them and I've been waiting for at least a month now. Don't buy anything on this game
  • Yet another trash MMO

    By Sheapardspie
    First, the ads that are shown for this game as well as the pictures in the App Store are inaccurate to the point of plain lying. Second, when I play an MMO, I don't want it to be one of those "press the follow quest button and the game plays for you" type. That's just wrong. A true gamer would use their own skill, not let the game play itself. Lastly, pay to play is well and good, but I wouldn't recommend spending money on this game. Too many shortcomings in the tech department and the game itself isn't that entertaining. It'd be a waste of resources
  • Eh.

    By twojust
    Game was fun in the beginning. Then just gets repetitive. Then everyone quits the server and only. 3 people play. Instead of putting more people in the server they just start new servers and your money is wasted.
  • Remove the Devs and the game is great

    By Kris Valiente
    The customer support has been the reason I’ve wanted to quit so many times. I have at least 6 tickets that have no been resolved, the oldest being 4 months old. I buy diamonds that don’t get issued for weeks after harassing CS on all mediums. Until CS genuinely prioritizes their customers, this game will never be as good as it could be. And that’s sad because I really love playing when there aren’t wallet gouging events and glitches that go unresolved.

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