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Published by: GoingApps LLC

  • App Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2009-03-02
  • Current Version: 5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 4.99 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
  • Price: $0.99

Wind Meter
App Rating: 2.5/5
Based on 339 Reviews
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App Description

The Original Wind Meter ******* Wind Meter 5.0 - Supports iPhone 4 and 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS8. Note: You must grant access to your microphone under Settings > Privacy for the application to work properly. ****** A TOP "20" PAID WEATHER APPLICATION FOR 24 MONTHS STRAIGHT****** THE ORIGINAL WIND METER APP DESIGNED TO MEASURE WIND SPEED DIRECTLY ON YOUR PHONE No CELL TOWER or signal is necessary! Wind Meter works by measuring the volume of wind flowing over your iPhone microphone and converting it into an effective wind speed reading in REAL TIME at your location! As quoted by: KITELIFE MAGAZINE - "In our own field tests here at KITELIFE, we found that in a relatively consistent wind speed of 3-28 mph, the Wind Meter app was surprisingly accurate." As quoted by: BLUE WATER SAILING MAGAZINE - "We were really jazzed to see this new wind speed app for the iPhone and downloaded it right away. It is really cool and will be appreciated by sailors everywhere." As quoted by: PANBO MARINE ELECTRONICS - "Would you believe it? -- it actually works. I was out testing and photographing the NMEA 2000 wind rig early this morning and thus could compare Wind Meter to a consensus of five high quality sensors mounted just a few feet over my head". Ben Ellison - PANBO MARINE ELECTRONICS As quoted by: ROBERT JOHNSON MEN'S MID-d & DISTANCE COACH, CORNELL UNIVERSITY CO-FOUNDER, LETSRUN.COM - "As a Division 1 Track Coach and operator of, I was stunned to learn that the iphone could measure wind speed. This app works as advertised and is a lot of fun to take to a track meet." Robert Johnson - CORNELL UNIVERSITY OTHER REAL WORLD USERS: “Was at Seaside on the weekend and a guy had the app. We put it up next to a wind meter and was only off from the wind meter by 1 mph--pretty impressed.” Reference: “Works real good; pretty accurate side by side with other handheld meters. seems to have better averaging [as compared with skywatch]” Reference: "First Test Proved it For Me, Very clever app! By chance it's blowing tonight, so I went up to our flat roof and stood a few feet below our Davis instruments anemometer. The Davis recorded a max gust of about 26 mph while the max I recorded with the Wind Meter was 23 mph. Had I climbed a ladder, I expect the readings would have been even closer." OPERATOR'S MANUAL: When you open the Wind Meter APP the screen will rotate so that the microphone end of the phone will now be on top. To obtain the best wind speed readings, simply hold the iphone upright and straight out to your side with the screen facing you, letting the wind slip over the top of the phone, and push Get Wind! Wait at least 5-10 seconds and then push Got Wind! The final reading is the average for the period. The Wind Meter estimates wind speeds from 4-28 mph. We recommend that you test the Wind Meter for your particular iPhone or type of use, using only natural wind and a commercial grade anemometer for comparisons. While the default calibration is appropriate for many phones, if your iOS device appears to over or under measure, you can easily calibrate your phone's Wind Meter Application by pushing the Calibrate button. Due to the necessary installation of a noise dampener, the Wind Meter is most effective in consistent winds. For the same reason, it begins to effectively estimate wind speeds that are above 5mph. Additionally, Wind Meter cannot measure wind speeds over 28mph (hurricane strength winds) since this equates to the max decibel level an iPhone can detect. This application is not intended to replace commercial grade anemometers or scientific instrumentation. Wind Meter supports multiple units of measure including Miles Per Hour, Knots, Kilometers Per Hour, Beaufort, Feet Per Second, and Meters Per Second.

App Reviews

  • Works great for me

    By pmshaw
    I hold the phone upright, turned about 45 degrees to the wind direction and it gives very accurate wind readings when compared to other, near by wind sensors.
  • Review

    By Jv3md
    No explanation on its use, came in upside down, doesn't work. Worthless. Wish I could sue!
  • Needs Apple Watch support

    By TheGadgetinator
    Needs Apple Watch support This app needs to share collected wind speed data to the NOAA to improve their weather forecasting. Also needs a map showing other users posted wind speeds. needs to calculate wind chill with temperature data from online or manual input. Use compass to determine wind direction based on which direction has the highest/lowest readings after turning in a full 360 degree circle. ability to calculate heat index. needs to display average wind speed.
  • Terrible!

    By Sweet Seep
    Worst app ever!
  • Worthless

    By ks4607
    Save your money! I was at the beach with at least 10-12 mph winds (I know because as a cyclist I can tell wind speeds from palm trees and beach flags) and this worthless app said no wind.
  • Waste of a buck

    By Daveinwi
    Doesn't work. Went to their website and reread directions. Still shows no reading. If I blow into the mic if shows a reading, but holding it up unto the 4-5 mph wind it shows nothing.
  • Worst app ever

    By revinkev
    Bummed that I actually had to pay for something that doesn't work. Stood in 10 mph wind and wouldn't register anything. Tried it a couple of times holding the phone in different positions, still nothing.
  • scam! junk app

    By At213
    scam! junk app
  • Crapware

    By Mark Rinella
    Not at all accurate. Should be under entertainment and not weather.
  • Not working

    By WindstormCO
    I just bought the app when we have high wind warning, took the iPad out and measured at 24mph. It should be 80 mph or so. Not accurate at all!

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