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Published by: Rosetta Stone Canada Inc.

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2012-12-12
  • Current Version: 5.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 182.16 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Price: Free

Fit Brains Trainer
App Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 46,441 Reviews
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Fit Brains Trainer has been ranked the #1 education app in over 90 countries. Download our FREE brain training app and join 18 million installers. The only comprehensive brain trainer that can stimulate your IQ and EQ (cognitive & emotional intelligence). Fit Brains Trainer is an award-winning personalized brain games app that challenges you to perform at your best. Our free brain fitness system has 60+ fun games, 500+ workout sessions & in-depth performance reports. Play the widest variety of brain games. Discover an easy and quick way to stimulate your mind. Download for FREE now! You’ll love the results. **Apple’s Best Apps of the Year, AppStore Best, Editor’s Choice, Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars worldwide**. WHY BRAIN TRAINING? Recent studies reveal the importance of exercising your brain - The Western World’s average IQ has dropped significantly - The average person forgets 4 things every day - A goldfish has a longer attention span than the average American - 90% of top performers have high EQ - Americans with higher EQ make $29,000 more BENEFITS & FEATURES Fit Brains targets all 6 major areas of the brain: Memory, Speed of Thinking, Concentration, Problem Solving, Language and Visual-Spatial. Plus, it targets EQ, Emotional Intelligence, the ability to recognize and manage your own and other people’s emotions, in 4 key areas: Self-Control, Self-Awareness, Social Awareness and Social Skills. - 60+ games (35 in iOS app, 60+ on website): fun, rewarding, adapts as you progress - In-depth performance reports: identify where to improve & compare scores against others - 500+ customized daily workouts, training reminders - 24/7 access across Mobile, Web, Apple TV, Apple Watch - Plus more, download & see for yourself! SCIENCE OF FIT BRAINS Fit Brains is designed by neuroscientists, game and education experts to make training fun and challenging. Dr. Nussbaum is a leading brain expert in clinical Neuropsychology and our Chief Science Officer. IN THE NEWS Mashable, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Women’s Health & more Apple: App Store Best, Best App, Editor’s Choice CBS: "It's a game playing product but the twist here is that all of the games help exercise and train your brain!" Discover Magazine: 
"What's unique: Complex, richly illustrated and thought out brain games with different levels and storylines...Very dynamic." AND MORE… Learn more Bonus: Additional games exclusively on our website. Or try one of our other fun brain fitness & health products: - Fit Brains PREMIUM: Join our full program to access unlimited brain training and 60+ brain games across Mobile and Web - Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures - Fit Brains Trainer for Apple Watch: Play 3 new games specially-designed to stimulate your brain. CONTACT US GENERAL INQUIRIES: TWITTER: 
FACEBOOK: BLOG: FAQS: TERMS OF USE: FIT BRAINS PREMIUM Subscription options 1 month: USD $9.99 / £7.99 / 8,99 € 1 year: USD $49.99 / £39.99 / 44,99 € 2 years: USD $74.99 / £54.99 / 64,99 € Lifetime: USD $199.99 / £149.99 / 179,99 € Your Premium subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew from your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term.

App Reviews

  • Fun and Challenging

    By Pennytm
    I am 57 yrs old and am tired of loosing everything I touch. So,I bought the premium because remaining sharp and having fun is everything the doctor ordered. It is about 2 months and I still optimistic because I am improving and still feel challenged. This is my second rating and I still really like the fun challenges with this app.
  • Convert

    By Wodeir
    After using Lumosity for nearly a year I gave fit brain a try when I learned that Rosetta Stone was behind it. I love the focus on emotional intelligence and the exercises appeal to me more than Lumosity. I will probably use both but fit brains will be the one I do religiously.
  • Good

    By 305305305
  • Effective and Fun

    By LuAnn Fisher
    It's how I start my mornings when I first wake up and it's a fun way to exercise those brain muscles and get the blood pumping.
  • Thanks

    By El Rico74
    I enjoy the challenge every day that you're testing brings about keep up the good work
  • Stop the crap!

    By ASL Lexicon
    I bought this app -paid in full. I have been playing it for a long time and it continuously "asks" me to rate it. Well, if you force a person to rate your product you are going to get a very low rating. Follow this date-chain below, and you will be shocked:::: 16 MAY 2017 -Here we are again; an app I paid for is forcing me to rate it.... 21 MAY 2017 -Forcing me to rate it agin!! 22 May 2017 -Again, forcing me to rate it... 24 May 2017 -Obviously, this company doesn't read these ratings... Again, forcing me to rate it... 25 May 2017 -Yup, forcing me to rate this app again....! Wish they would read these reviews... 27 May 2017 -Again, the pop-up screen "Rate It Now", "Remind Me Later", "No, Thanks". Why have three options if it continuously forces you to rate it?? 28 May 2017 -So, "Rate It Now" brings you to the rating page. "Remind Me Later" brings you to the rating page later. "No, Thanks" brings you to the rating page in a day to a few days later. Where is the option of "Stop CONTINUOUSLY Forcing Me to Rate an App I Paid For"??????????????????????????????? 30 May 2017 -Even though I have rated this many times, it still continues to ask me to rate it... Don't they read these reviews? 31 May 2017 -When the app asks me to rate it and I click on "No, Thanks", why does it ask me again to rate it the next day? Wouldn't "Remind Me Later" function that way? Why if I continuously rate it, does this app still persist with me rating it again and again? Shouldn't the first time I rate it clear that? 2 June 2017 -Here begins a new month of asking me to rate the game which I have already rated numerous times.... Why doesn't the company read these reviews????????????????? 3 June 2017 -"Asking" me to rate it again.... 5 June 2017 -Asking me to rate it again!! 6 June 2017 -Rate it again? Sure, why not? 8 June 2017 -Forcing me to rate it again. 10 June 2017 -Even after the update, app still "asking" me to rate it, again and again, and again, and again...... 12 June 2017 -Rate it again! 14 June 2017 -So, you have to wonder, will this app ever stop asking me to rate it?? 15 June 2017 -Forcing me to rate it again... 16 June 2017 -"Rate it" again? Sure, why not? 18 June 2017 -Forcing me to rate it once again... 19 June 2017 -Asking to rate it again. I wonder how many characters this rating form can handle? If I hit the maximum amount of characters, will the app stop forcing me to rate it? 22 June 2017 -I was hoping with the new update they would have fixed this "forced rating" design, but unfortunately the app is still forcing me to rate it.... Stop the crap! Stop forcing paid users to rate your app!!
  • Awesome

    By Jordan Freund ST1
    This app definitely helps me stay sharper and find faster solutions within my business.
  • Better than average

    By Otkol
    Good grain trading game it could use some improvements, but it is good as is.
  • Not Enough Brain Exercises in Paid version

    By Alice Brig
    I think there should be a couple more brain exercises in each session. Don't find the social engagement or team building exercises helpful at all... Already did plenty of that in my work life. What you now is not very creative. Improve please or I'll drop my subscription. Thanks
  • Brain brains trainer

    By StefSags
    DONOT like team builder, dash thru it. See no cognitive usefulness to it. Also can't do cards any faster & never get above 50-60%.

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