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Published by: Aceable Inc.

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-04-24
  • Current Version: 1.42
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 57.97 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Price: Free

Aceable Drivers Ed
App Rating: 5/5
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App Description

Are you ready to get your driver license fast? The Aceable Drivers Ed App is a revolutionary application that completely replaces the traditional in-classroom part of driver’s education. You read that right -- this is the ONLY app that lets you take Drivers Ed right from your phone or computer! Say goodbye to boring three-hour lectures. ________________________________ Is it legit? You bet it is. Our app is fully approved by the governments of Texas, Florida, California, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada and Pennsylvania and is 100% state-legal. Is it easy? It’s the easiest. We make it a piece of cake to get your permit and license. With simple instructions, we walk you through every step of the process. Our engaging content keeps you focused and actually learning. ________________________________ Aceable has helped hundreds of thousands of happy students get their permit and license. Install this app now and get started FOR FREE! + AVAILABLE ANYTIME Learn anytime, anywhere. + USE ANY DEVICE Your progress syncs automatically no matter which device you are using. + FULL COURSE Unlike some apps that are just study guides, Aceable is a full state-legal replacement for in-classroom Drivers Ed, providing all educational requirements to get your permit and driver license + UNLIMITED PRACTICE We provide unlimited study tests and practice questions to help you pass. Aceable never charges extra! + ACTUALLY FUNNY A lot of courses say they’re entertaining, but Aceable takes it to another level. We use witty writing, relevant memes and interactive videos to keep even those with shortest attention spans engaged and learning. Don’t believe us? Just look at the reviews. + AFFORDABLE Aceable Drivers Ed is the absolute least-expensive way to get your driver’s license -- as much as 80% less expensive than traditional Drivers Ed. + Great Support Our US-based customer support is available seven days a week to help with any part of the process. Just give them a call or send a text or email. + Parental Tools Our user-friendly Parent Tools allow you to monitor your teen’s progress, see test results and understand the material covered at each level of the course. Rest assured your young driver is learning from the best. Still want more info? Talk to an Aceable team member at Texas TDLR State Provider #116 California DMV Provider #E2017 Florida TLSAE Code #NR2 Ohio Course #1462 Illinois Course #3352 Nevada DMV School License #PRDS00046773 Pennsylvania - Licensed by the Department of Education Aceable is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety, California DMV, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), and the Texas DPS, Ohio BMV, Illinois Office of the Secretary of State, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, and then Pennsylvania Department of Education. In many states the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) may also be called DOL, DOT, MVDL, DPS, DVS, HSMV, Secretary of State, MVS, OMV, BMV, DDS and RMV. Drivers Ed may be called Drivers Education, TLSAE (Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course), Florida Drug and Alcohol Training and Awareness (DATA), Driver Training, Driver Education, Student Driving, Texas Drivers Ed, California Drivers Ed or Driving Lessons.

App Reviews

  • My thoughts on Aceable

    By Isaiah Pacheco Esteban mejia
    I enjoyed it it was fun and easy and I learned a lot from it
  • v good

    By fsggfh
    app makes it easy to learn
  • A++

    By LadyIce007
    The adult drivers ed is witty, sarcastic, and incredibly informative. It's informal language and tone make the experience of doing drivers ed enjoyable and memorable.
  • Whaaaaaaat

    By Joshua Molina
    This is amazing but the narrator stopped talking after the depressing AT&T videos for the online coarse idk how to fix it :c help meee but still 5 stars 😍
  • Whoop whoop

    By Kimmy_022
    Drive awesome !
  • Very productive

    By Simgri73
    Within this app it is by far the most productive, most effective, and also one of the reasonably priced learning apps when it comes to driving school, and I am very proud that I've found this
  • AMAZING with a one problem

    By Dmax7400
    This app is beyond amazing. Thanks to this app I don't have to sit in a classroom and learn how to drive. Instead, I can be in the comfort of my own home. However, there is one problem. Whenever I get done answering a (comprehension) question after a bit of reading, it will say good job/correct/incorrect and then lock it into portrait mode (vertical). I would love it if it could leave my screen in horizontal (landscape) mode so I don't have to exit and resume every single time to go back into landscape mode because it gets a bit repetitive and slightly annoying. Other than that, this app is definitely a go!
  • 5star

    By 344Bey
    Gr8 app
  • Great

    By AJ Mata
    Very easy to follow along
  • Great except a few errors!

    By Zeba B
    This app is so useful and comes with a lot of helpful ways to not only get through the required classes to get a license but it also really makes you learn, but the app itself has a few problems. After every question, if you had it on landscape mode it'll lock it into portrait and can't change until you exit it the course and for some reason I can't hear anything from the app. I turned the volume selection on and off multiple times but to no avail. Other than that, i love the program!

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