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Published by: NTT Solmare

  • App Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2014-07-15
  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 26.61 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
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Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate
App Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 69 Reviews
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A new otome game is out from our proud series “Shall we date?” with 3 million downloads worldwide: “Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate —Fragments of the past—”. Scarlet fate —Fragments of the past—(original title Shirahana no Ori —Hiiro no Kakera 4) is one of the many successful games produced by the famous dating Sim game brand “Otomate” from Idea Factory. The Shall we date? Team is proud to announce the result of this new collaboration. “ Scarlet fate”,  an original story featuring exquisite illustrations , is now available on mobile platform for the first time in English! 1.Story Introduction Set against the backdrop of the Heian period (ca. AD 1000) in Japan...In a sacred, snow-covered village is kept a sword with the power to bring the world to an end. One young maiden of a shrine is fated to seal the Sword’s power and protect it: Princess Tamayori. She has spent her days since childhood being tormented by her sins in loneliness and under the heavy burden of protecting the Sword so that its power would not be released. ...Until one night when she encounters a wounded god and her lonely life changes forever; she will face the end of the world with comrades willing to help her. She fights to prevent the demise risking her own life, but she begins to waver between her resolve and her wish to live for the one that she loves... Will there be a future for those who bear sins? In this snow-fluttering world, the tale of the ancient Princess Tamayori unfolds. 2.Characters Akifusa Oki : A serious officer who attends on Princess Tamayori “I want to be stronger to protect you.” Gentoka : A god who pledges his allegiance to Princess Tamayori “My life belongs to you. You can use it as you like, Princess Tamayori.” Kuso-no-mikoto : Princess Tamayori's fiance who is a sarcastic god “What a sassy girl! You don't deserve to be my wife.” Kodonomae : A god who excels in the art of war “Why don't you smile? Everyone likes your smile.” Furutsugu Akishino : A chief of security with an alluring air about him “Who can refuse a request from such a beautiful princess?” 3. In This App, You Can: 1)Enjoy spending time with good-looking characters with exceptional physical abilities involved in the story. 2)Enjoy multiple ending stories where every choice you make counts. 3)Collect around 40 photos per character by reading the whole story and all the endings.

App Reviews

  • Love it, but wish there was BGM and voice acting.

    By juneliu92
    I know licensing is probably very troublesome, but I'm really hoping NTT Solmare will consider adding BGM and voice acting, even as an in-game purchase! I'm willing to pay for it! I love everything else about the game, and the quality is as expected of an otome game produced by Idea Factory.
  • If you like Hakuoki and misery...

    By HarunaV
    You will probably like this if you liked Hakuoki; same artist, same company. Also if you watched the Hiiro no Kakera (?) anime series, because this is a prequel (despite technically being the fourth game). Hakuoki was a pretty sad game, IMHO. The amount of happiness and lightheartedness in Hakuoki was small but it existed. There is not happiness to be found here. -.-" If you like long, heavy, depressing stories, this is for you. I mean LONG. I feel like the romance was randomly thrown in as a second thought, not that it wasn't cute or well developed in some routes. But the story was mostly about "oh noes I am a sinner, I gotta die bc FATE, man..." Seriously there is sooooo much talk of SIN. The story was fairly well written, though I thought that the plot went around in circles at times. Every time progress occurred, there would be a disaster and back to step one. It got boring with explanations and the skip option wasn't fast. All in all, the game itself was decent if you are into that sort of thing. If you liked Hakuoki, this has a similar feel except it's set in the Heian period, not the Edo period. And there is little to no happiness or lightheartedness. If you prefer Voltage Inc. games, this probably isn't the story for you. I've only played the Pirates game from NTT, and I can say that it was 10X more fun and cute romance. Don't get this game for the romance. You'll be waiting a while for it. And when it does come, it's tainted by SIN and death and general misery.
  • More paid versions of the free versions

    By Kawaii Sakura
    I love reading the otomeios from NTT Solomare but I was hoping they can create a "PAID VERSION" of "Destiny Ninja 1&2, Ninja Assassin, NIFLHEIM, Wizardess Hearts, Blood In Roses, Oz, Ninja Shadow and Guard Me Sherlock!" Because I don't want to wait getting tickets to read the character's stories, having to pay for an outfit to get the premium picture, and having to pay with real money to get things that don't work(I'm fine with buying the character's story) so maybe if their more "PAID VERSIONS" Of these otomeios.

    By Reijerk
    It's so lovely, I love all the characters >\\\< But omg, thus game made me cry, because I'm so lame, I cry every time ; _ ; ... But yea. It's so beautiful with the art reminds me of Demons bound , obviously I read demons bound first, I kno I lame ~ _ ~ . But the stories got my feels every single time. Also, we're is the music??? I wonder ? ^ ?
  • Beautiful!

    By Vampire~Knight
    Game ID: ELPKQCBB04 This game is beautiful and I simply love it! Each story line keeps you on your toes for something new to come to the surface and I love that we get to see one of the earlier princesses and what her life was like!
  • Amazing game with some issues

    By Lymmea
    I really have a ridiculous amount of love for this game. I only recently got introduced to the Shall We Date games, and I've played several by now - I have to say, this blows every other one I've tried so far (Niflheim+, My Sweet Prince, Destiny Ninja+) completely out of the water in terms of writing, graphics quality, and bang for your buck. ~~~~~ Kuso's route is by far and away my favorite, but I also like Kodonomae's and Furutsugu's pretty well. Akifusa's route was kind of bland, and as for Gentoka's...well, Gentoka's route is very tragic even on the best path. You do get a happy ending with him, of course, but you may feel, like me, that all the sorrow on the way wasn't worth the surprisingly bland payoff that Gentoka is. Considering Gentoka is kind of the face of this game, I really expected more from him as a character; as it is, I feel like he has the least personality of any love interest. But that's just personal preference. ~~~~~ The real killer is fast forwarding. Even with the text set to the fastest possible speed, fast forwarding is just BARELY faster than tapping through each screen with your finger manually. 'Fast' hardly deserves to be in the name. I appreciate that some people may want to be able to stop the fast forwarding at any moment, but at least include adjustable speeds? Or perhaps a 'skip to next choice' button? SOMETHING to be able to progress at a pace that is ACTUALLY FAST. Especially considering that there are unlockable CG scenes in each route, and you can only unlock some through replays...and because a lot of scenarios and dialogue are duplicated through different routes. For instance, the opening chapters in Kifu are ALWAYS the same - after I've read/watched them once, why would I ever want to do so again? Or, more to the point, why am I not allowed the option to skip them quickly? It's not an exaggeration to say that most chapters take a full ten to fifteen minutes to pass even on full fast forward. That's completely unacceptable when what I'm wading through are entire chunks of game you've wholly recycled. I wouldn't care that you'd reused them if you didn't make them ACTIVELY TEDIOUS to get through! ~~~~~ I've bumped the review of this game up to five stars, since Akuro and Tomonori got their own routes in the sequel, which was one of my major gripes - and they're great routes, too! Fast forwarding issues alone aren't enough to ding this game a whole star, or even half of one - not when the game itself is so well executed. ~~~~~ One last gripe for you, Scarlet Fate - I left notifications on for you because I want to hear when you do new stuff with THIS GAME. Because this game is a game I love! When I get a notification from you, I don't want to get excited thinking some new Scarlet Fate thing has come out only to find you advertising a new feature in A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME THAT I DON'T EVEN OWN. I can at least understand advertising the release of a new game to me, because how else will I know the game exists, but an ~update~ to an existing game that I don't even have??? And I'm getting these ads through a game I paid money for, where ads should theoretically be nonexistent? All Solmare games suffer from this, but it's particularly grating for Scarlet Fate and Scarlet Fate II, where I'm actually invested in updates for these games and then I get notifications FROM these games about updates that are NOT FOR THESE GAMES. Knock it off, Solmare. Advertise your games through your free-to-play apps only, and I'd argue you should stick to only advertising the release of new games - or updates for the game in question - through notifs. The current system is incredibly annoying.
  • Price problem has been resolved

    By Jade5233
    The story is longer than other companies' stories and not all about the romance. True to Otomate's usual stories, they are well thought out and are never cliche.
  • Love it❤️😍

    By M0oni3
    But wish it was voiced like the original but hopefully one day 😍❤️❤️😊😊
  • But....🙄

    By 🤔🤔thought
    I love all shall we dates and I just got done reding 6 of them and I thought this and Wars of Prayers would be nice so I checked this one out and THE PROLOGUE WAS AMAZING but...after that I was soooo ready to read it BUT you have to PAY for the stories and I already PAY for coins and stuff so WHY stories I mean that's how u get more GOOD reviews and I was so happy to have a ba character with all those sins and stuff and the battle and sadness but then hope dies and so did the stories Fate!😭😭😭😞
  • Very Good

    By Sigh fish
    This is one of the best of the Shall We Date series in terms of storyline and imagery. The one flaw is that the first few chapters are the same for each suitor. I would also recommend the sequel, Scarlet Fate II.

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