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Published by: Backflip Studios

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-10-31
  • Current Version: 1.14.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 115.99 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Price: Free

DragonVale World
App Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 7,684 Reviews
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App Description

We’ve hatched an all-new DragonVale game! Enter a magical 3D world of dragon-filled adventures. Warning: You may find yourself hopelessly addicted to hatching and caring for your own adorable dragons! Collect over one hundred delightful dragons, build a park for them, and watch the visitors pour in. Customize your dragons with enchantment spells to change their appearances and abilities. Trade with players from around the world as you build your ultimate dragon paradise. Expand and improve your dragon park with awesome habitats and decorations. Enlisting your dragons to find rare items, then send them to distant lands in the new Airship for big rewards! • Discover over 140 amazing dragons to collect, including ALL NEW rare, epic, and enchanted dragons • Breed adorable dragons and engage with them through feeding, spell-casting, gathering and supplying the Airship • Change your dragon’s appearance with spells • Build the ultimate dragon sanctuary with enhanced decorating features • Trade valuable materials with other players from around the world • Send your dragons gathering in remote regions • Set sail with your dragons in the all new Airship to discover distant lands and generous rewards • Participate in exciting limited-time global events throughout the year • Explore the lore of DragonVale World and meet its cast of charming characters Install DragonVale World for FREE today! PLEASE NOTE! DragonVale World is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. DragonVale World requires an internet connection to play. ______________________________ DragonVale World is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile games and proud partner of Hasbro, Inc.

App Reviews

  • 3D

    By Turkey_Puppet
  • Pros and Cons

    By Pop💔
    Some pros of this game are 1) The dragons are adorable and majestic 2) The game is 3D (compared to dragon story) 3) Many surprises and things to explore and unlocks Now the cons 1)Crashes like crazy 2) You need to make an account and log on to the “mail” app to friend people 3) I don’t see any use for the items you can get in the world map I also want to make some suggestions Update it so it doesn’t crash as much and maybe create a dragon arena where we can fight other people’s dragons and put the spells we give them to use. Another suggestion is some adventures you can experience with your dragon. An adventure where you can collect coins. A final suggestion, dragon RACES! Against people worldwide. If the creator read this I sure hope you can make some improvements and add the suggestions I offered :3
  • Good luck getting half the dragons without $$$ now

    By Argh1212
    Every update makes it harder and harder to earn premium currency. This would have been okay, as most of the premium items are bonuses and time-savers, but this last update has ruined that. Now you NEED special crystals to breed enchanted dragons, so fully 50% of the dragons in the game are gates behind crystals. You can only earn crystals at a very slow pace unless you pay $$$, plus they lowered the chances of getting rare dragons unless you have a potion. Good luck getting ANY of the rare dragons during their extremely time-limited events, much less their enchanted versions, without paying for potions and crystals. This needs a fix. Not getting any more of my money until you stop making the cash grabs so blatant. Enchant crystals and potions SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED TO BREED RARES. Horrible update.
  • Good

    By Mfjkdzxi
  • Annoying

    By App super fun
    I spent $10 on gems and it took the money and didn’t give me gems
  • soso

    By Virginiaaaaaaaaaa
    have to pay to enjoy fully but still good
  • Pointless to try to play

    By We Are Chris
    The game is so badly coded it can’t stay active for more than a few moments without crashing & that’s IF you’ve closed out all other apps & reboot before launch. If you can manage to keep it active for long enough welcome to the world of banging your head into the wall, over & over & over. More garbage in the way of getting to a goal with very little to no ROI.
  • I like this game, but...

    By ipoduser32767
    I'm really frustrated with it right now. I have been breeding and breeding for a sandstone dragon and still haven't gotten one. I know some dragons are harder to breed than others, but three weeks solid, sometimes in both caves, seems a bit extreme. The current zodia dragon is almost gone and I haven't even been able to breed once because I can't get a sandstone dragon!!! I like the overall layout of the new weekend events, but I wish we could still win enchanted dragons. Speaking of enchanted dragons, I wish you guys would stop changing the rules for breeding them. Now you have to have a crystal? It was better the way it was at the beginning; you could control which enchanted you were trying for, and there weren't any hoops to jump through. I hate to have to give poor reviews because this game has great graphics and I've always loved the original DragonVale game. But honestly, this game is so frustrating right now, I don't even feel like playing some days.
  • GG

    By Infernogaming
  • Fun but...

    By GingerB94
    I used to play Dragonvale and I like this one, but everything costs too much. 100,000 coins to expand a habitat, 750,000 to unlock the 2nd park expansion, 1 million coins to upgrade the bank. The airships rip you off when you could be selling the items for 2-3x the price in the store. It takes forever to get enough ingredients to make an epic potion. Not to mention you need the jewels to unlock more room and the breeding isle but it takes too long to gather them. I know you’re trying to get people to purchase things but you could help your players out.

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